Children’s Village


We Serve the Huminity

Children’s village has been set up on lines of that of SOS model, consisting of five homes it cares for about 50 orphan children.

Each home is placed under the care of a mother, who is usually a widow or divorcee or a spinster who have no other commitments. Mother is responsible for the upbringing and formation of children placed under her care. Children are provided food, clothing, education, medical care, training, rehabilitation and even settled to marital lives.

Sevagram today is like the sprouting of a giant banian tree which would give shade to innumerable tired travelers in the days to come. In view of the all round development and rehabilitation of the children at the children’s village, we are planning various programmes. The Children’s village will increase its number of families form 5 to 10 to accommodate a total of 100 children.

To become a centre for familial care and love to the fatally ill, senior citizens and orphan children and to ensure a constructive development of these children and help them be self dependent for their future life.

The orphanage exists to provide a safe home, emotional support, educational opportunities and medical care for orphaned, abandoned, helpless children and help them self dependent in their future life. It stands always to give care for the uncared.


To enable the CHILD to develop an all round personality through Providing a safe Shelter with food, clothing, medical care, recreation, Education & Vocational Training, Physical, mental & spiritual development. Regain their self-respect and confidence. Enabling them to be self-supported. Providing personal Counselling and rehabilitation programmes, which includes guidance, job placement, marriage etc.

Sevagram at a Glance

Right now we have 50 orphans living in our five homes. We have 30 boys and 20 girls from the age group of 5 to 18 years, who are doing their studies in school, college, and in the field of nursing.


Our services are free and we have no reservation concerning the sex, age or religion of the beneficiaries seeking admission at our children’s village. The children are usually referred here by the individuals, institutions, hospitals, voluntary organizations etc. we also get references of children of separated couples.

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