Avedana Bhavan



Hospices and hospice care are concerned with the specialized care of patients with severe and progressive disease; where curative treatment is no longer possible; and where death is likely outcome in the short or medium term.

Avedana Bhavan means a ‘painless home’. It is a hospice for terminally ill cancer patients and other terminally ill patients who are from the poorest background.

This is a project by the CMI fathers of the Sacred Heart Province, Rajagiri, Kalamassery under the Sevagram trust. We have the facilities to accommodate 30 patients at a time. The hospice care services are provided with the active cooperation and professional support of the Adoration sisters of the neighbouring Mercy Hospital.

Although we opened this Hospice for the public on 8th of December, 1989, regular admissions were started by March, 1990 only. It was started as a 10 bedded palliative care unit served by two physicians in a honorary basis from the nearby Mercy hospital, two qualified nurses who are nuns, three nursing assistance, a dietician, a CMI Priest for coordinating public relations and fund raising activities and also providing spiritual support.

  • To provide medical and nursing care to the advanced terminally ill patients.
  • To offer this humanitarian services irrespective of community, caste or creed.
  • To offer this service free of cost.
  • To offer such patient’s tender love and special care to have a peaceful death.
  • The patient is poor, cannot be adequately looked after at home and has nowhere else to go
  • The patient must deemed to be beyond the stage of active treatment and declared as terminally ill by a medical expert, and it shall be approved by a doctor of Mercy hospital.
  • Preference will be given to those who need urgent relief from excruciating pain.
  • The patient should have some expectancy of life to benefit from palliative care.

Around 1065 patients are admitted and around 781 patients are died from here.

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